ADO Group is the biggest wooden composite door producer of Turkey with ADOKAPI (direct translation meaning “Ado-door”) brand and the facilities having a production capacity of 1.000.000 doors annually.

Adokapı plant has been started to be erected in 2006. The production facility, established on a covered area of 30.000 m2 with the state of art technologies, has started production in October, 2007. The products of Adokapı, the biggest door production facility of Turkey and the Region, are produced in an integrated area of 630K m², with international quality standards.

Adokapı, copes with the domestic Turkish market demand via its sound dealer network spread across the country, has also a substantial word in the export too, with the sales network planted abroad. At the beginning of 2016, ADO GROUP got agreement with the world's leading DIY store chain ( "Kingfisher Sourcing and Offer") and achieved marketing opportunities of decorative panels door systems sales in Europe.

Adokapı targeted to present a novelty to the whole world, when it redefined the concept of a “door”, as a furniture, to meet the beauty of the nature and technology in its indoor doors. Adokapı combines the pureness of the natural wood with the resistance, assembly and usage simplicity of composite PVC. The quality standards are distributed to the homes of global consumers in the most economical way with the wooden composite doors, under ADOKAPI and SAKELLI brands, produced in the modern facilities.