ADO Group performs production
activities in 6 countriesand
sales & marketing activities
in more than 56 countries

with approximately 3.000 employees under
a multinational structure.

Respect is given to the human power and skills in all countries where we have operations. Accordingly, equal opportunity is provided to everybody, without any discrimination based on race, ethnic identity, nationality, religion, sect, and gender.

A safe, healthy work environment and the opportunity to develop their careers are given to our teammates at all ADO work places.Training opportunities are provided to support individual development and occupational expertise of our teammates. Besides, basic trainings required for emergencies such as safety, natural disaster, fire, first aid and healthcare are also provided.

The happiness of our employees is seen as the most important condition for obtaining the customer satisfaction in ADO Group. The decisions are taken by taking the opinions of the related employees and formed according to the participation principle.

You may find our job postings related with our Turkey activities in
web site or you may apply from job application form on our website.