Social Responsibility

Our responsibility is;

develop and protect the
common good of the society

As ADO Group Family, we act with a profound principle which centers on the idea of “sharing, what we gain from the society we are in, with the society”. Subsequently, in all countries we perform our activities, we respect ethical values and aim to develop and protect the common good of the society. ADO Group, adapting the social responsibility as a main building block of its corporate culture, produces and realizes social responsibility projects, answering environmental and social needs of the society in which it lives. Related activities are supported whenever we foresee a benefit for the society and we do cooperations with the related organizations to achieve this goal. We invest to the future in all countries where we perform our activities by trying to take a meaningful part in selected projects making contribution to the development of the society.


We try to develop new methods for minimizing the natural resource usage and waste production to the lowest level possible and we aim to prevent the environmental pollution with environment friendly projects and to ensure the sustainability of the systems established in the scope of protecting environment.


Joint venture with Akdeniz University for incorporation of Antalya Techno city to increase technological developments and innovations.


Restoration of Antalyaspor (Antalya city sports club) sport facilities and management center, construction of the Adopen tribunes of Antalya Ataturk Stadium, construction of tribunes of Kepezspor stadium, construction of tribunes of tennis courts of ATIK Antalya Tennis Club.


Construction of Ayşe SAK Yeşilbayır Occupational High School, Akdeniz University and donation of all educational hardware, construction and donation of the Adopen Nursery in Antalya National Education Directorate, construction and donation of the Habibler Preliminary School KG Classes, construction of the technical education classes and workshops of Küçükköy Industrial Vocational High School, Istanbul and donation of all machinery and educational hardware, construction of buildings of the Engineering Faculty of Akdeniz University, installation and donation of PVC window systems of more than 30 schools, dormitories, educational and public buildings.


Construction and donation of the Alcohol and Narcotics Addictions Rehabilitation Center, AMATEM, Akdeniz University as a full turnkey project, construction and donation of the Dosemealti Ilıca Community Health Clinic, construction and donation of the Yenikoy Community Health Policlinic, installation and donation of PVC window systems of Bakırköy State Hospital, donation of blood donation bus to Turkish Red Crescent as fully equipped.