The Akdeniz University Mustafa Sak Achievement Awards, which have become traditional as ADO Group and held for the tenth time this year, were presented to the graduates of the Faculty of Engineering with a magnificent ceremony. This year, a total of 18 students were entitled to receive the Mustafa Sak Achievement Award. We wish success to all our graduates in their lives.

Adopen at the OSBÜK OSB Stars 2022 Research award ceremony; ADO Sales Group President Serpil Onan received the awards in the categories of "Company with the Most Employment" and "Company with the Most Employment of Trainees" from the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank.

The Akdeniz University Mustafa Sak Achievement Awards, which have become traditional as ADO Group and held for the ninth time this year, were presented to the graduates of the Faculty of Engineering with a magnificent ceremony. This year, a total of 19 students were entitled to receive the Mustafa Sak Achievement Award. We wish success to all our graduates in their lives.

According to the “Top 1000 Exporting Companies 2021” survey prepared by the Turkish Exporters Assembly, 273. ordinary 245. we are proud to contribute to the economy of our country by rising in line.

Our Company continued its rise, ranking 213th in the 2021 "Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises" list announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO).

Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Those Who Contribute to the City (KÖK) Awards found their owners. Our company received the first prize in the "Foreign Exchange Earning Services - Export Foreign Exchange Income" category, and was awarded two awards by being among the "Top 500 Industrial Enterprises of Turkey".

As Adopen, at the Stars of Export 2020 award ceremony organized by the Western Mediterranean Exporters' Association; We share with you the happiness of being the second among BAIB member companies and receiving the first prize in the Export of Chemicals and Products sector.

The graduation ceremony of Akdeniz University for the academic period of 2015/2016 were held at the Akdeniz University Stadium on June 17, 2016. This year, 11 thousand students were happy to have graduated from Akdeniz University.

The Akdeniz University Mustafa Sak Achievement Awards traditionalized by the ADO Group and organized this year for the fifth time were presented to the graduates with outstanding achievement from the Faculty of Engineering and, Ayşe Sak School of Applied Sciences in a great ceremony. 24 graduates in total – 6 departments from the Faculty of Engineering and, 2 departments from Ayşe Sak School of Applied Sciences – were presented with the Mustafa Sak Achievement Awards.

The ADO Group has adopted the collaboration between the universities and industries as a social responsibility project and, supports this event every year. We wish success to all young people well qualified and productive, who are the guarantee of our future.

Established in 1956, ADO Group has introduced a new line of products under ADO Aluminum brand. The production of ADO Aluminum products kicked off in Antalya in April 2014. President of ADO Group Mr. Mustafa SAK: “As ADO Group we launched a project involving new investments for the production of aluminum as an integral part of our factories located in Turkey as well as Russia, Ukraine and India”. ADO aims to increase its domestic and international market share with the new aluminum product range.

Our brand #ADOKAPI products were introduced 9. International Specialized Exhibition of Door which are manufactured with high technology, and a comfort and confidence in your home for many years whatever in the outside.

At the opening ceremony of "Hezarfen Technology and Design Development Project" event supported by Mr. Fikri ISIK, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, the Turkish Patent Institute has presented a plaque to Adopenfor its industrial design applications. ADO Group Corporate General Secretary Mr. Guven BERK received the plaque on behalf of Adopen at the ceremony held in the Conference Hall of Akdeniz University, Faculty of Law on November 5, 2014.

The Ado Group which foundations laid in 1956 and has many leader brands in its sector, was added a new production to entire World in April 2014. Ado Group is making production with the leadership of Chairman Mustafa Sak in Turkey and in addition Russia, Ukraine and India. With the integration of foresight Ado Group has started an investment Project of Aluminium Profiles near the factories in Turkey and overseas factories.

Menderes Türel, Vice President of Justice and Development Party, Turan Eren and Mehmet Kurdoğlu, Deputy Governors of Antalya, Prof. Dr. Gülsüm Özet, Member of Board of Directors of Turkish Red Crescent, Nurettin Hafızoğlu, General Manager of Red Crescent Blood Services, Prof. Dr. Ömer Özkan, Professor in Medical Faculty of Akdeniz University, who made the first face transplant in Turkey and the first uterus transplant from cadaver in the world, Mustafa SAK, CEO & President of Adopen & ADO Group, and Aslan Yaman Vice President of ADO Group, Vice Presidents of ADO Group and invitees attended to the ceremony organized in the Adopen facilities in the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. Mustafa SAK said that they are sensitive to the social responsibilities as Ado Group and Adopen. Following the speech, Özet gave a gratitude plaque to Mr.Sak for the donation he did.

The awards were given to the most successful industrialists of 2012 at the ceremony night organized, which have activities in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone (ASOB). The prominent business world and protocol of Antalya have attended the award ceremony. The grand prize for “the company realizing the highest sales revenue from the production” was given to Adopen. Mustafa Sak, President&CEO of Adopen and ADO Group took the award.

Adopen, the leading industrial organization of Antalya was honoured with special award of Antalya Association of Journalists. The press awards are given for professional successes by the press-media members of the association every year. This year’s awards have been announced as a result of the meticulous evaluation of the jury, consisting of elite members. Adopen was considered eligible for the award. The award decision related with Adopen was announced with the following statement: “This year, Antalya Association of Journalist has decided to give the corporate special award to Adopen for the contribution it gave to the development of our society and the profession of journalism; also to the economic development, advertisement, and the brand value of the city of Antalya.

” Mustafa Sak, CEO of Adopen who made an announcement upon the decision stated that; “Adopen feels honoured for this award given by our journalist friends and their elite organization, Antalya Association of Journalist. All institutions and brands under the Ado Group have activities everywhere in the world and represent the name of our great country with honour.

In addition to this, it gives us a special responsibility that we were born in a world city like Antalya. We pursue developing without ignoring Antalya and the people in the region in all kinds of our activities. We believe in that the organizations will contribute to the humanity culture in the universal dimension as much as the contribution to their own environment”.

Lots Istanbul, the advertising agency of Adopen, Global PVC window producer, is in front of us with sustainable communication, by bringing a new perspective to the campaign, it has started last year. Lots Istanbul, visiting the Adopen factories, located in 6 countries and mentioning the value of working for a house with the employees of the factory, tries to establish a connection with the last consumer in the new advertisement film.

Everybody from all walks of life, mentioning the difficulties endured when working for a house, the movie is about parallel lives. The brand similarly asks its follower the experiences given up and endured for a house in digital area, wanders about their experiences.

The traditional awards were bestowed in a ceremony, given by Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) over the evaluations of the year 2011./p>

The companies listed among the biggest ones of Turkey and Antalya, tolling the most tax, paying the most premium to the Social Security Institution (SGK) in various categories are awarded this year too. Hayati Yazıcı, Minister of Customs and Commerce of Turkey, Ahmet Altıparmak, Governor of Antalya , Mustafa Akaydın, Antalya Metropolitan Mayor, Rıfat Hisarcıklıoğlu, President of TOBB, the representatives of the political parties and non-governmental organizations, and visitors from the business world of Antalya attended to the “Traditional Award Ceremony 2012”, -which took place in the conference hall of ATSO.

Adopen, representing Antalya in the first rank, among the biggest ones of the country for a long time, managed to be 226thin the “Top 500 Companies of Turkey” list, which is announced by Istanbul Chamber of Industry and regarded as an indicator of repetition in whole world. Adopen also have the first rank of the companies which only do business of PVC window profile in Turkey.

The businessman Mustafa Sak, the leader of Adopen, which manages to bring the name of Antalya to the forefront in the industry too, in parallel with its importance in tourism and agriculture took the award, deemed by ASO, because of this result, from the hands of Hayati Yazıcı, the Minister of Customs and Commerce. Minister Yazıcı, in his speech during award ceremony, celebrated the ones entitled to have the award and said that Antalya, with these successes, is a candidate to the important brand cities in the world. Dr. Ahmet Altıparmak, Antalya Governor, Mustafa Akaydın, Antalya Metropolitan Mayor and Çetin Osman Budak, ATSO President, each made a speech in the ceremony, celebrated the ones who showed this success and improved the name of Antalya as a brand by emphasizing that Antalya is a city creating a difference.

The happiest day for a businessman, undoubtedly, is the first graduation ceremony of the school he built. The faculty built by Mustafa Sak, businessman and CEO of ADO Group, had its first graduates and emotional moments were experienced in this ceremony. The graduation ceremony of Engineering Faculty, Akdeniz University (AU) was made in the Ataturk Conference Hall. Prof. Dr. İsrafil Kurtcephe, Rector, Prof. Dr. Abit Demircan, Vice Rector, Mustafa Sak, philanthropist businessman, Prof. Dr. Feramuz Özdemir, Dean of Engineering Department, academicians and the families of the students attended to the ceremony, where 200 engineers were granted diplomas. Dean Feramuz Özdemir, in his speech, wished success to students in their life’s and thanked the businessman Mustafa Sak, who sponsored the construction of the faculty. Prof. Dr. Özdemir continued that “We are in debt of gratitude to Mustafa Sak, who is a successful businessman as well as made a name as a philanthropist. Take him as a role model. A “Mr Sak” is hidden in all of you; reveal it. In future, I expect to hear from you “I established a new business”, not “I got a job” after 3 – 4 months”. May god speed and bless you”

Adokapı, which is in the organization of Adopen, included in the top 500 industrial organization of Turkey achieved an important success by winning the “Golden Brand” award. Adokapı, produced in Adopen facilities in Antalya was deemed eligible of “Golden Brand” award of the last year by All Consumers Protection Association (TTKD) as the product the consumers likes and prefers most. TTKD evaluated all the reactions from the consumers in the last year and measured the liking levels with regards to quality. It was understood that Adokapı is qualified as the “best product of the year” by all users in the wooden door sector at the end of the evaluation. The association, in response, has selected Adokapı as the “Golden Brand”, in connection with the respect it shows to the consumers of Turkey. The company, got full marks from the consumers, a substantial progress on the way to become a world brand. Adokapı is a brand of Adopen, considered as the leader institution in window profile production. Adokapı, producing wooden composite doors, get itself accepted by customers in a short time after her establishment. Adokapı, bringing the products with the consumers with a dealer network distributed across Turkey, has proven her success with the “Golden Brand” award. The products of Adokapı, the biggest factory of Turkey and Europe in its sector, are produced with international quality standards as integrated, in the organization of Adopen, having a total covered area of 185 thousand square meters. Adokapı, started sales to meet the demand with 1700 dealers across the country, targets export with the widespread international sales network. Adokapı, having the market leader position with a production and sale of 1000 doors daily, targets daily production and sales of 3000 doors in the next 3 years.

The new advertisement film of Adopen, the shootings of which were performed in 6 countries in total by a team of 22 people during 25 days, is aired. The players having a role in the film were selected especially among Ado Group employees. The production philosophy of Adopen which is a global PVC window producer, applied in the factories in all over the world is the main message of the advertisement film.

The production sector and industrial entrepreneurship is a legacy that he acquired over from his grandfather Mustafa Sak. Adopen, currently exporting more than 30 countries of the world is one of the important companies of Turkey… Describing the secret in his successes with the words “I believed that I can make international business with my product when I started”, Mustafa Sak is the leader in his sector. Mustafa Sak, allocating the highest budget as R&D and annual advertisement budget, makes production by using the most developed technologies in the world. Sak, stating that his factory, completely based on automation, almost resembling a space station, is an investment of above 200 million dollars, also announced that he will make new investments to Antalya.

The young businessman, using a substantial part of his income for charities, said that this is a humanitarian and social duty what he did when the social responsibility projects are mentioned. Mustafa Sak, who became an education volunteer by making a lot of schools, is the hidden hero of the bright faces of the future… Sak, continuing a family tradition inherited from his grandfather, continues to help and sponsor his workers at Aid times. For Mustafa Sak, known with his fondness to his family traditions and his family, this tradition inherited from his grandfather is a must. In the interview we made with Mustafa Sak, making important statements to us with his vary modest and witty expressions, we have talked about Antalya, Antalyaspor, investments, and his dreams. Mustafa Sak, performed well in the PVC window and door sector, gave the signals of being in the forefront with many different projects soon

The foundation of the Engineering Faculty was laid, which will be built by businessman Mustafa Sak, with a ceremony made in the Akdeniz University. The ceremony, where Yıldırım Uçar, Deputy Governor, Prof. Dr. İsrafil Kurtcephe, Rector of Akdeniz University, Mustafa Sak, CEO, Adopen, Mahmut Sütçü, President of Antalya Tax Office, a lot of academicians, students, and visitors attended, started with a stand in silence and Turkish National Anthem. The ceremony was completed when Prof. Dr. İsrafil Kurtcephe, Rector of Akdeniz University, gave Mustafa Sak, CEO, Adopen, a gratitude plaque. Adopen, started the 3rd project in the university with the construction of engineering faculty, in addition to the two important projects she started and completed the construction before.

The outstanding service award was given to Mustafa Sak, the philanthropist businessman and President of ADO Group, in a ceremony organized in Turkish Parliament, Ankara. The outstanding service award was given to Mustafa Sak by Köksal Toptan, Head of Turkish Parliament, in the ceremony where Alaaddin Yüksel, Governor of Antalya also attended. Following announcement has been made by the Antalya Governorship related with the subject: “Philanthropist businessman Mustafa Sak has performed substantial social services mainly on education. He performed the construction of industrial technical school laboratories, construction of aid center for alcohol and drug addiction in the university, construction of occupational high school, construction of the joinery department of an industrial occupational high school, restoration of a first school and one dormitory, construction of mentally disabled classes for a first school and restorations of public buildings such as community clinic, lodging, sports facilities, mosque, student dormitory, police station, and retirement homes.”

Adopen from Antalya-Turkey, which uses a unique CRP system, which has been developed by in-house R&D researches, for the first time in the windows sector has brought an end to usage of the separate profile, separate reinforcement plate application. Adopen is entitled to have quality certificate from IFT Rosenheim, the most prestigious institute of the world, in Germany with this system providing full sound, heat, water, and wind isolation with CPR providing stronger isolation.

Adopen targets to be a world brand. It is stated that the company will start production in the following months in the new facilities in Moscow too. Ahmet Yazgan, General Manager of Adopen, emphasized that they will concentrate their attempts on being a “world brand” in PVC products, especially in windows.

Yazgan stating that there are Adopen, Plaspen and Wintech among the brands Adopen exports, continued that “The Russian market will be the biggest market for the plastic sector.

We prefer Russia because it is a growing market. Because our export to the Russian market will be through that factory when the facility is put into operation, we already look for alternative markets. We look for alternative markets from European and American continents. Our target is to be global player.”

Mustafa Sak, CEO of Adopen, stated that Russia, Turkic republics, Middle East, and North African countries don’t know PVC window systems yet and said “These countries don’t know the P of PVC window, like Turkey in 1980s. It is an incredible market potential. Turkish PVC sector has done a great job in terms of quality production. Due to the fact that the surrounding countries are not aware of PVC window yet, Turkey will be the PVC production center of the region.”

Adopen Plastic, based in Antalya, bought Plaspen. Adopen’s Chairman Mustafa Sak spoke, with Plaspen’s joining we increased our capacity from 15 thousand tons to 22 thousand tons per year and the variety of products increased to 200. Adopen Chairman Mustafa Sak, refrained from making any statement about the price.



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