Ado-Portisan opened scaffold and telescopic pole renting branch in Adana
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Speaking at the opening ceremony, Osman Tülkay, General Manager of Ado-Portisan, stated that Ado-portisan, initially established for scaffold design and production has added other technologic formwork and scaffold systems to its product portfolio in a short time and said “We have merged in 2010 with ADO Group embracing Adopen which is among the 500 biggest industrial companies of Turkey.. Now, we start our activities by opening the company where we will provide the construction scaffold and formwork system through leasing method, which is applied for the first time in Adana”. Governor Coş of Adana said that he felt pleased in all respects; they have performed the opening of an exceptional, modern and technical workplace where a beautiful company would provide her products to Adana. Following the speeches, Governor Coş has executed the opening of the company together with the officers of the Ado Group.